HTML to WordPress Conversion Options you Can Choose From

word-doc-to-pdf-document.jpg Switching to WordPress website is believed to be an intelligent decision taken by a website owner. The unlimited possibilities available with WordPress make it one of the most preferable web development platforms used near website designers and developers residing in different corners of the world. You can use a number of tools that can be used for importing posts, comments, pages, categories, images and tags in a hassle-free style. In this article, I’ll stride you through the options that are available amidst converting your HTML sector into WordPress.

Importing static HTML content is by far considered to exist the most common HTML to WordPress chorus conversion set-up. Website owners have been hiring professionals for venture the task of converting their HTML sites into WordPress. Converting old, monotonous-looking HTML sites to WordPress is indeed a decision worth appreciation. If you too are thinking about switching to the very trendy WordPress website, then here’s a list of options you can choose from:

Option No.1- A complete re-design of your existing HTML static website (with content)

As by the very first feature in HTML to WordPress conversion, you may choose to secure your situs re-designed (along with unperturbed placed in the new theme). In this, you may opt for arousing all your current web pages to WordPress theme that roughly resembles the look and feel concerning your existing site. Here’s a tabulate of things that are available upon this webstek theme conversion process:

Improved website navigation
Proper positioning of re-directs that are required for bug-free site functioning
Proper installation from site on server
Seamless testing regarding the position on the server

Option No.2- Creating WordPress database only

In accordance to this second option, you may opt for creating a postulate WordPress database for your existing website. This database will include all the existing ensnare content along with the general navigation. The things that are covered under this option include the following:

Compilation of website body peace only
No sidebars
No forms
The WordPress database is loaded into site sub-directory
Seamless testing of the site on the server
Necessary redirects that are required for error-free field functioning

Option No.3- A complete re-design from your existing HTML static website (without content)

As apiece this third option available for HTML to WordPress theme conversion, you may opt for a uncut re-design of your website without touching the content placed on it. A new WordPress theme will raken created that’ll be in accordance to the look and feel of your now HTML static site. The features available with this HTML to WordPress conversion process include:

Improved website navigation
Inclusion of redirects that are required for flawless website functioning
Flawless installation of site on new server
Seamless testing about the sector on the server
Proper linking of graphics contained within the fabric pages
Bloat-free handling of kinds of web forms
Bloat-free handling of dynamic content placed on the website


So, these were the three options for HTML to WordPress conversion that’ll help you convert your plain static website into appealing yet user-friendly site. Hope you’d have loved reading my article.