Setting up a blog with WordPress in just a few seconds!

Setting up a blog is very easy nowadays using WordPress .
You don’t need knowledge of HTML , CSS or PHP and you can start immediately .

How simple is WordPress?< / courageous >
It is very important that you beginning to learn some things about WordPress. WordPress is a free content management system you can download within a few record from the official WP website. If you are Dutch you can get a extricate E-book by clicking the link in the signature of the author.

What steps should I follow to set up my own blog?< / strong >
When you have downloaded WordPress you can onset uploading and installing WordPress.
You might be wondering: What does the term upload mean and how do i install WordPress. To upload WordPress to the web server, you discretion need a bailiwick dub and web hosting. You can operate an FTP plan to easily upload all files to the hosting.

Once you have uploaded all the files you can start the process of installing and configuring.
This is pretty simple, because you can start the installation just by visiting your URL. Soon this you can just follow the steps and create the WordPress website. Also another tricky point is to create a database suppositive you have never done this before.

You can originate a database by logging among your web hoster. The data should be entered at the WordPress installation.

Once your website is up and running, you can move on to personalise your website, you can download different plugins and themes. This will make your website more attractive to visitors. Themes polysyndeton plugins are otherwise free to download.

A theme which looks very professional is the zeeFocus theme. This is a free download at the official WordPress website. Furthermore we would equivalence to recommend a number of intrinsic WordPress plugins, such thus the SEO wordpress plugin.

The SEO WordPress plugin ensures that your website is superbly optimized for the foray engines, so you will be well base with every page. Also, the Askimet plugin is very important to prevent spam, so you’re not busy all day deleting spam.