Customize Your Phone the Way You Want With Exquisite Android Themes

Android phones are the most popular and demanding phone with monopoly age groups people in the current scenario. The mammoth and hard-rock solid reason behind is that it bequeaths open source nature that allows an individual to customize their phones in an enviable manner. The android phone starts appearing, pleasure and behaving accordingly. What all you can do includes a sweeping range starting from customizing launchers to changing font furthermore from playing with widgets to numerous icon sets. Thus, the bottom line is equally edge of Android functionality is customizable.

You can even set your theme and customize your phone in a advance you want. There are a fewness themes that are counted among the top ones. Full these Android themes have been developed by highly skilled and able Android Programmers. These have been listed as follows:

Top Android Themes:

DCikonZ Theme:

This is a mammoth iconic theme that hoods 4000+ icons by giving a consistent appearance. This has grabbed a lot of likings and attention of the users not only because it is huge, but for going in a path in its own direction. It avoids super-simple and flat appearance like more icon packs.


The most popular theme is the Tiled that looks awesome and stunning. You jug obtain a out-and-out glance at it in the promo video available on the internet. No doubt, the screencap is adding a surplus advantage, but it also looks excellent in practice as well. The tiles placed on the main screen are located at an appropriate distance et al clock at the top is rigid against a picture. There are 4 huge tiles underlying it and they omnipresence under the category of shortcuts which will be navigated to missed calls, SMS messages, emails and current monsoon conditions as well.

Alloy Orange Theme:

This is solitary of the best Cyanogen themes and users adore it for its metallic look that has a minimalist design. Install this fully-fledged theme engraved with dark metallic composition of buttons, checkboxes, sliders and 3D style panorama elements and icons. You can use this theme in a wide range of colors including Pink, Blue and White. Such themes are developed mere like Android Apps Development process.


Here comes a Themer theme for you that is based on the general designs of iOS7. Seven is a plethora stem that you can try at your Android phone which will give you a optical style of iOS including features like orderly rows, thin text, full-screen widgets. This theme will also not allow you to miss flexibility, utility and other apps features.

Holo Light Red AOKP / CM Theme:

One of the outstanding and simplest themes is HOLO LIGHT RED. Awesome customization jug be done along with an elegant look. The blend of soft red and white is adding a enamor to the complete theme along with freshly added navigation buttons, icons and there are much more features.

Peach and Grey:

If you have never experienced this color assortment, thereupon also no need to be confused with this beautiful color. With an artistic connective creative imagination, experts have designed this theme such that the main screen will give you the time display and date across it. Moreover, a beautiful image will be placed at the center and quick shortcuts thus well that will redirect you to common apps just quasi your dialer.

The list of themes does not come to an scotch just here. There is a never-ending collection of Android themes as well that can give your phone a new look. Download, install and enjoy these themes to adept a new look of your Android device each time you apply it.