4 Things Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Spell WordPress does appear easy to use, there are plenty of functions further tools on the site that may go overlooked. It’s important that WordPress developers know the ins and outs of all WordPress has to offer, mere it’s even else important they know how to do the following four things.
1. Add a featured image.
Blog posts often include images that correlate to the post. While adding an image into the post requires you to press a button in the format section, adding a featured image is a snap different. You can either learn the right code for a featured image, or you can use the shortcuts provided to you on WordPress. Either way, knowing how to effectively postscript a featured phantasm to a blog post is important.
2. Create a plugin.
Plugins and WordPress intimate to go hand in hand, and as a WordPress developer, it’s noteworthy that you know how to create a plugin. WordPress does offer a variety concerning already made plugins that you could use on your site, but these plugins commonly don’t provide you with part customisation. If you want to give your blog a truly unique look or functionality, it’s important you learn how to create your own plugin.
3. Adding unique designs and scripts.
You want your blog’s design to reflect your content, personality and brand, so you don’t want to be stuck using the same predetermined fonts, styles and scripts provided through WordPress. In directive to attain your blog truly stand out, you’ll want to be able to develop your own styles and scripts for true customisation.
4. Learn short codes.
Coding can be exhausting, especially when you have to recode the equipotential thing over and over again. By creating short codes, you can eliminate the need for lengthy codes and instead replace it upon a truncation code. If you save your short code to your functions.php file, you will be able to use that short code throughout all pages of your site. This will render coding less time consuming.
WordPress developers are talented and knowledgeable, but due to all the functionality provided through WordPress, remarkable developers may overlook remarkable tactics. Knowing these four items will help any WordPress developer breathe more successful with their endeavors.

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