Integrate WordPress With Magento

Running an ecommerce site enables you to build an online presence all sweeping the globe, not merely this it delivers other several amazing benefits as well and nowadays the demand for ecommerce store is also increasing generation by day at a very fast pace.

Do you want to integrate WordPress into your Magento shopping bring ecommerce store? Here’s an efficacious way of doing so. Although the installation process is a bit technical only in the end you would surely get amazing end results out of it when WordPress and Magento blend quite well together.

One of the best ways of integrating WordPress into your Magento shopping cart ecommerce deposit is by using Lazzymonks Blog Scope for Magento. Below mentioned are some moving steps for backdrop up WordPress blog into your magento site.

Setup WordPress into Magento
The first and foremost move to do is to get the extension key by going to the extension page. If in case you are have already tried your luck with installing Lazzymonks WordPress integration extension then you exigency to follow two steps:
1) Diminish to Magento extensions manager further uninstall the WordPress integration extension
2) Go to the core_resource table of your database and delete the blog_setup entry.

Now again move to the Magento extensions manager and put the extension address to install. This process will dump files in your directory by installing the extension package. If in case you are not availing the default template that comes along with Magento install you then need to go app/design/frontend/default/default/template/blog and copy the ‘blog’ leaflet to where your theme is. Repeat the same for blog.xml from app/design/frontend/default/default/layout. If you do refusal take this step your blog will then furbelow up as a blank page.

After doing all the above mentioned tasks your admin will have a new menu called ‘blog’ where you can create blog posts and categories. Nowadays go to System > configuration >> blog – here you can get your hands on customizing the main blog setting assonance layout, etc.

Following each and every step carefully bequeath help you get your desired results and will neither lease you run condition whatever problem.

Role concerning a Blog in your Store
If you are into sales then a blog inside your Magento ecommerce store can provide you assorted benefits, infact it can do wonders in delivering a good product. Publishing good articles and reviews on all of your products can breathe so beneficial for your readers or customers. Many people live in a myth that having just a catalog is enough for content, this isn’t true. You need to have a blog to your online store where you can add quality content about your products and services that can eventually benefit you by increasing your online sales.